The abstract should be written in English language in MS word. The abstract should have a maximum of 300 words (exclusive of the title and authors’ details) in Times New Roman font size 12. The abstract MUST have the following details:

  • Concise title (maximum 19 words)
  • Names of authors, their affiliation and mailing address and the corresponding author contacts
  • The body of the abstract should contain the following sections
    • Background to the study or brief statement of the problem being addressed/ the motivation behind the study, and/or the specific question or hypothesis being addressed
    • Objective(s) or aim(s) of the study
    • Brief/summary of key methods or methodology used in the study.
      • In case of Reviews, Opinion pieces sharing experiences and/ practice) – a succinct description of the approach and/ or considerations used to secure the lines of thoughts and perspectiv
    • Highlights of the results/findings of the study
    • Discussion and conclusion/recommendations drawn from the study.